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The Franke A300 Coffee Machine is a bean-to-cup coffee machine from Switzerland ask us for a price for this automatic machine which is made by Franke Coffee Systems, a world-leader in compact and powerful touch-screen coffee machines for catering and workplace sites.

Franke’s FoamMaster technology option provides a professional milk system that can produce warm milk as well as hot milk foam that is individually adjustable and has excellent consistency and density that you could say is like a hot Mr Whippy ice cream!

An interactive screen on the A300 guides the customer through the menu easily with photo-realistic beverage images and the Franke EasyClean milk cleaning system ensures hygiene in just a few steps; this machine is perfect for sites serving 80 – 120 cups per day. There are three models available and with its modular design the Franke A300 adds to the already successful A-Line from Franke (A400, A600, A800 and so on) it is a perfect entry into the world of professional fully automatic coffee machines.

Coffee Beans & Machines

The A300 coffee machine is equipped for Franke’s Digital Services IoT (internet-of-things) solution, giving the user an overview of beverage sales and machine data of the coffee machine. Software and configuration updates via remote maintenance save on cost and time-intensive on-site services.

A brief video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfbblGoG0h8

This one is in German but we will keep our eyes open for a more detailed video or give us a call on 01324 617618 to discuss the performance, options and lease-rental deals that we offer.

Please talk to us further for advice on 01324 617618 or visit one of our showrooms as below.

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A coffee machine with telemetry gives the opportunity to view your coffee machines from an offsite location so that you can monitor sales and performance activity at your Jura, Franke or Necta coffee machine which we install with full staff training.

Further developments available now from Caffia Coffee Group gives you IoT (internet-of-things) so a coffee machine with internet of things  IoT built in gives full data network access to critical trading information to drive loyalty from retail customers and network your assets. Our coffee machine with receipt printer can also issue a QR code or printed barcode if desired so that clients can pay at the till.

Coffee Machine with Receipt Printer

A clear dashboard at a central location shows the coffee machines trading history and if regular cleanliness is being undertaken – these are just some of the areas that can be monitored for effective management and minimum downtime.

Coffee machine cleaning is very essential, especially in these times with the Covid-19 risk so prominent using technology that includes telemetry coffee machines and the internet of things reduces risk and is now becoming very affordable.

A broken down coffee machine generates really bad press and a lack of sales, using our accurate and up-to-date data via a secure web portal means the coffee machine can be interrogated to report faults and grade how serious the problem actually is so that a solution can be in hand quickly from the UK-wide engineer network.

Caffia Coffee Group are friendly and experienced coffee experts that have also pioneered coffee machines for co-working spaces, forecourts and retail stores with comprehensive contactless payment, telemetry and internet-of-things capabilities to upgrade and up-sell!

It’s no longer good enough to just pay for a great coffee machine and great coffee (maybe our biodegradable cups as well?) but you need a SYSTEM – a complete data communication and network solution to made suit your need with expert support.

Collect real-time data of daily trading patterns, find out exactly when the coffee machine is most in use and craft special offers to suit and then drive sales higher. Looking to boost loyalty with a coffee machine for retail shop which issues one free coffee per day per customer? No problem at all with our loyalty card scheme and technology that we have proved in trails.

Have a look at our full range of coffee machines and give us a call on 01324 617618 today.

For a comprehensive range of 8 strongly branded coffee beans please see here.

See our address and contact details below:

Caffia Coffee Group | 47 Gee Street | London | EC1V 3RS | Tel: 0203 096 7233

Caffia Coffee Group | Russel Street | Falkirk | FK2 7HS | Tel: 01324 617618

Shell Forecourt Image


Leading coffee supply firm Caffia Coffee Group has pioneered efficient and reliable technology that allows creation of a coffee machine with receipt printer that is perfect for use in retail and self-service outlets such as fuel forecourts and convenience shops or co-working offices.

During a heavy trial at a flagship Boots store in Covent Garden, London the Franke A1000 bean-to-cup automatic Swiss coffee machine performed very well with the Dutch technology module we had sourced so that clients collected the flat white, cappuccino or caffe latte and receipt and pay for it at the till – please see our video of this coffee machine in action below:

Our proven coffee machine with receipt printer is just the start of our wide range of equipment brands from Franke, Jura, Necta and WMF. We also offer contactless payment coffee machines and have cutting-edge IoT internet-of-things coffee machine technology to connect coffee machines to your cash till and offsite control systems for driving loyalty from regular customers.

Specialists in self service coffee machines that are robust and well-supported in the field, Caffia Coffee Group is your national partner for personalised coffee machines that can carry your own branding or an offer – say ‘Free Muffin With Large Coffee’ on the selection screen.

Our strongly branded coffee beans and Caffia point-of-sale range covers a wide range of taste styles as well as Fairtrade and organic certified coffees, cups, sugar sticks and cup lids talk to us on 01324 617618 to discuss your exact needs.

See our address and contact details below:

Caffia Coffee Group | 47 Gee Street | London | EC1V 3RS | Tel: 0203 096 7233

Caffia Coffee Group | Russel Street | Falkirk | FK2 7HS | Tel: 01324 617618


We appreciate the impact of great coffee at work and our bean to cup coffee machine for small office models have been chosen to suit any space or budget whether in kitchens, tea points or breakout areas.

Coffee machines save time in busy workplaces so that productivity is increased and staff morale improved by the aroma and taste of great coffee. Some models can also have a coin mechanism or contactless payment option if desired.

Office managers are sometimes put off by the cost of installing a coffee machine but would like the taste and convenience of fresh coffee; in these cases we have 3 year lease rental deals to spread out the cost rather than have one large outright purchase invoice. For example a coffee machine with a purchase value of £2000.00 + VAT would equate to around £75.00 + VAT per month.

A good example of a bean to cup coffee machine for small office is the Jura JX8 bean to cup machine (see top) which fits neatly underneath a kitchen wall cupboard and has a five litre water tank. This is ideal if plumbing is going to be difficult or expensive to install. The JX8 is built in Switzerland and offers thirsty office workers a great espresso, caffe latte or cappuccino made from coffee beans and fresh milk at the touch of a button; it is suggested for offices needing up to 80 cups per day.

Bean To Cup Coffee Machine For Small Office

Above: The Necta Koro Max Prime Bean To Cup Coffee Machine.

Another popular option is the Necta Koro Max Prime coffee machine, this is an Italian made compact bean to cup coffee machine which uses fresh coffee beans and powdered milk and hot chocolate drink; you can see a video demonstration here; it can be hand fill or plumbed in and is very popular as an automotive dealer coffee machine as well.

Why not see the entire range of Caffia Coffee Group office coffee machines, coffee beans, Fairtrade filter coffees and ancillaries here? We deliver all over the UK with next day service.

Please talk to us further for advice on 01324 617618 or visit one of our showrooms as below.

Caffia Coffee Group | 47 Gee Street | London | EC1V 3RS | Tel: 0203 096 7233

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Below: The range on display at our London coffee machine showroom near Old Street and Barbican.

Automatic Coffee Machine Showroom


The WMF 9000S+ commercial coffee machine price is £13,500.00 + VAT and it is a heavy-duty bean-to-cup coffee machine that prepares the full range of speciality coffees from ristretto and cappuccino to mocha, hot chocolate and flat white from coffee beans and fresh milk at the touch of a button.

Watch a video demonstration of the features and benefits of the WMF 9000S+ here:

Built to last in Germany with excellent cup warming and screen branding features, the 9000S + can have up to 3 different types of coffee beans as well as hot chocolate powder for making indulgent hot chocolate and mocha with fresh milk.

Easy to use and also easy to clean and maintain, this coffee machine benefits from one of the lowest cost cleaning systems in our trade and can produce high volumes of high street quality drinks at the touch of a button, no matter who is operating it.

This coffee machine is the top model in the WMF range and is generally on a 3 phase power supply. The WMF 9000S+ is recommended for busy cafes, restaurants, visitor attractions and hotels that are serving on average 350 cups per day of speciality coffees. Maybe you have a tour group which needs to be served quickly for lunch?

You will find the same level of perfection can be found in every espresso, cappuccino and caffe latte made using WMF Dynamic Milk foaming technology which gives you the option of 3 different densities of milk foam.

We look forward to working with you – please contact us at:

Caffia Coffee Group Ltd | Lomond House | Russel Street | Falkirk | FK2 7HS

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WMF 9000S+ Commercial Coffee Machine


Slimline and powerful instant coffee machines like the Matrix Mini Magnum dispenser using instant coffee, cappuccino topping milk powder and hot chocolate drink mix powder to make a range of drinks like cappuccino, caffe latte, black coffee, espresso and hot chocolate plus a handy hot water button for tea and soup.

Customer can audit drink numbers through the Matrix Mini Magnum’s LCD screen using the easy to use touch-button format and can include option of ‘go-large’ and ‘go-strong’ for their individual cups the screen as well; our instant coffee machines are plumbed to mains water supply or on a FloJet back up pump system.

Caffia Covid Related Products Brochure

So who are these instant coffee machines ideal for?

Instant coffee machines have the principle advantages of

a) High speed of dispense.
b) Lower price than other coffee machines.

The only drawback with these coffee machines is the inferior quality of hot drink compared to say bean to cup or filter coffee machines in offices, hotels or cafes.

Below: The Matrix Sovereign instant coffee machine has larger capacity ingredient canisters for more demanding sites.


Office Coffee Machines East Anglia

The speed of dispense makes them ideal for high demand situations as they can dispense a black coffee in 6 seconds without any complications of coffee grinders, steam boilers or fresh milk foaming and arguably with easier cleaning as well.

You can see the dedicated Matrix hot chocolate machine as well as all other models on our corporate website here.

Contact us to discuss your needs further at:

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We provide coffee machine hire via lease rental deals that allow you to spread out the cost of a commercial coffee machine. Our commercial coffee machine hire UK scheme is an increasingly popular way to finance a professional coffee machine by placing it on a 3 year lease-rental deal.

Caffia Coffee Group offer a comprehensive advice service to discuss your needs and specify the correct equipment; we have many years of experience and we also constantly engage with the manufacturers to understand new models and trends in the professional coffee machines marketplace and community.

If you chose a 2 group traditional espresso machine with a grind-on-demand coffee grinder on hire we install these machines with water filter and full barista training all over the UK, we also provide a free cleaning kit and 6 kilos of coffee beans of your choice to get you going (that’s 750 cups).

Below: The popular Synchro 2 group espresso machine in orange – also available in red, black and white.

Commercial Coffee Machine Hire

Also popular in modern cafes, restaurants and indeed offices are the superb automatic bean to cup coffee machines which we supply from Necta, Franke, WMF, Bravilor and Jura. Bean to cup commercial coffee machine hire is popular because these remarkable machines which are basically robots that grind the coffee beans and fresh milk and make a cappuccino at the touch of a button are not cheap and many customers do opt for the 3 year lease rental deal to manage their cashflow better.

A typical bean to cup professional coffee machine costs around £4000.00 + VAT to buy and around £136.00 + VAT per month to hire on a 3 year lease deal; give us a call to discuss your exact needs with our friendly experts and request a quote.

Commercial Coffee Machine Hire WMF Espresso


Above: The WMF Espresso is a clever coffee machine combining the hybrid looks of a traditional espresso machine with much of the automation of a bean-to-cup coffee machine; just press the button for espresso or americano fresh from the beans.

Commercial coffee machine hire allows you to choose exactly the correct coffee machine in terms of looks, performance, ease of cleaning and taste and spread the cost out while you earn from the sales of flat white, caffe latte and espresso.

Caffia Coffee Group also supply a broad range of 16 different branded espresso coffee beans and filter ground coffees that are delivered with point-of-sale support materiel, teas, hot chocolate and paper cups all over the UK by next day courier so that if you get bored with one coffee there are always plenty more to try out!

We look forward to working with you – please contact us at:

Caffia Coffee Group Ltd | Lomond House | Russel Street | Falkirk | FK2 7HS

Tel: 01324 617618 | Email: sales@caffia.com | Web: www.caffia.com

London Showroom: Design Hub Clerkenwell | 47 Gee Street | London | EC1V 3RS

Automatic Coffee Machine Showroom


Elegant and stylish with black, blue and lined chrome, the Necta Krea Touch coffee machine is designed to complement the modern workplace and can have bespoke coffee drink recipes and the customer’s own logo branding and promotional videos on the smart touch selection screen if desired.

The Necta Krea Touch coffee machine is one of the first coffee machines available that can use telemetry; it is possible to connect this coffee vending machine to Wi-Fi and generate daily reports on coffee consumption statistics, and breakdown by a quick and handy email to your company or smartphone. This coffee machine can also have a coin mechanism which allows you to use it in coffee vending service situations.

An excellent solution for coffee in offices, car showrooms or forecourts with its wide touch screen and modern looks making it perfect as a coffee vending machine for the workplace; combining this with the broad range of espresso coffee beans, powdered skimmed milk and indulgent hot chocolate drink mix powder from Caffia Coffee Group and you have a winner!

Necta Krea Touch Coffee Machine

It has the Necta Z4000 bean-to-cup coffee brewer unit which allows the machine make 12oz size drinks of cappuccino and hot chocolate made from fresh coffee beans and 100% skimmed powdered milk topping – the Krea Touch has generous size coffee and ingredients canisters for hot chocolate and cappuccino topping powder.

We offer these coffee machines to buy, lease or rent on a simple 3 year lease-rental deal which spreads out the cost of the machine and helps with your cash flow. Caffia Coffee Group also offer a broad range of good quality espresso coffee beans which we deliver to your door by courier all over the UK – see more information here.

Contact us to discuss this stylish bean-to-cup coffee machine today.

Caffia Coffee Group | 19 Lever Street | Manchester | M1 1AN – Tel: 0161 359 5477

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Everyone has less and less time these days and a one touch coffee machine like the WMF 1100S, Franke A800 or Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 can be perfect for getting a caffeine fix from your favourite espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte in an easy one touch action, the only issue is the sheer amount of choice of models and formats available!

You can see the smart Necta Krea Touch coffee machine above, this is a prime example of a modern coffee vending machine with easy drink selection. Manufacturers are reacting to this trend for ease of use with a raft of new models of one touch coffee machine that have TFT touch screens instead of the more traditional buttons for quick and easy use in self-service mode by more discerning coffee drinkers than their parents could have dreamt of!

Leading brands like Franke, Jura and WMF are also launching some clever apps for use on smartphones which allow you to make a bespoke personalised drink via blue tooth without any programming changes thus meaning the one touch action is done on your phone’s screen to operate the bean to cup coffee machine.

Below: The mighty Franke A1000 FoamMaster is a Swiss made heavy-duty bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk and hot chocolate that can have customisable screen for images, video and sound!

One Touch Coffee Machine

More and more workplaces and offices are reckoning that the investment in a bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk is well worth it to keep staff morale up and that the cost and convenience do make sense in today’s fast-paced world of business. It is striking how much demand there is for a automatic bean to cup one touch coffee machine with fresh milk or powder milk and a hot chocolate powder canister and whipper bowl for a delicious hot chocolate or mocha in the workplace.

One Touch Coffee Machine

A one touch coffee machine with a selection screen are customisable for displaying your own branding or promotion message – for example, you could showcase winter tyres images and office for cars in a Porsche, Land Rover or Nissan dealership during the autumn or winter seasons.

While we’d generally suggest that coffee machines with fresh milk offer the best quality drinks for you but there are also a range of modern and effective bean to cup coffee machines with powdered milk that work very well for offices and showrooms – these include the Bravilor Esprecious and Necta Krea Touch coffee machine at the top of the page for example.

We look forward to working with you and please be free to call for a chat about your coffee machine needs or contact us at:

Caffia Coffee Group | Lomond House | Russel Street | Falkirk | FK2 7HS

Tel: 01324 617618 | Email: sales@caffia.com | Web: www.caffia.com

London Showroom: Design Hub Clerkenwell | 47 Gee Street | London | EC1V 3RS

We also have a showroom of up-to-date premium coffee machines at Clerkenwell in central London:

One Touch Coffee Machine London


Suppliers of commercial bean to cup coffee machines Belfast for offices, coffee shops and car showrooms at Sailertown, Newtownards, Eastside, Derry, Carrickfergus, Enniskillen, Ballycastle and all over Northern Ireland.

The Jura Giga automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine is made to the highest standards in Switzerland and is ideal for offices or hotels in the Belfast area. You can see a picture of the Jura Giga X3 above; it uses coffee beans and fresh milk to serve up to 120 cups per day of caffe latte, espresso or cappuccino at the touch of a button – you can have a look at a video demonstration of the Jura Giga X3 coffee machine below:

We are a friendly family run coffee business that is expert at advising you on a broad range of coffee machines Northern Ireland and commercial bean to cup coffee machines Belfast. We work with brands like Jura and Franke with the latest office coffee machines Belfast using fresh milk or powder milk and hot chocolate.

It is the quality of our advice for choosing the ideal coffee machine for your exact needs and quick quotations that really marks us out as a good supplier to work with.

The Franke A400 is part of the remarkable A-series range of heavy duty automatic coffee machines Belfast like the Franke A400, A600 and A800 FoamMaster models that also offer hot chocolate made with fresh milk – these advanced machines can also have the touch screen branded with your own brand.

Personalised Coffee Machine - Copy

Caffia Coffee Group’s branded range of fresh coffees includes 8 types of coffee beans and 8 types of filter coffee sachets with filter papers including options that are Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified plus teabags, instant coffees, hot chocolate, paper cups and sugar sticks.

Please contact us to discuss your plans and needs further:

Caffia Coffee Group | Belfast House | 111 West George Street | Glasgow | G2 1QX

Tel: 0141 428 3995 | Email: sales@caffia.com | Web: www.caffia.com