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Jura Giga X9 Coffee Machine


The Jura Giga X9 coffee machine is one of the top models of automatic bean to cup coffee machines from Jura Elektroapparate AG; a Swiss brand of professional coffee machines for restaurants and offices where the high-quality flat white, caffe latte and espresso delights many a customer every day. The Giga X3, Giga X8 and Jura Giga X9c are the top models and have greatly enhanced drink temperature and programming features and cutting-edge design and looks.

They are also much easier to clean than earlier models and offer extended ‘on-site’ warranties. The Jura Giga X9c coffee machine offers a dedicated steam arm for automatic milk foaming as well as the integrated foamer behind the coffee dispense head – why not use this for soya or almond milk to offer more variety to customers? Having 2 ceramic disc grinders means quiet, long lasting and precise grinding with grinders that keep cool and enhance the coffee taste.

TFT screen technology on the Jura Giga X9c makes for a clear display which helps with hugely flexible programming and more than 25 drink options to choose from; this coffee machine can dispense 2 cappuccinos, 2 flat whites or 2 caffe lattes at once; plus hot water from telescopic outlet which has clearance for the tallest cups or mugs.

We recommend this machine for sites serving up to 200 cups per day; it is available with either the 1 litre milk cooler or more robust 4 litre milk refrigerator and a 2 year parts and labour warranty; it is only available as a plumbed in version in the UK.

We also offer lease rental of our coffee machines range – this is a simple arrangement whereby the machine is placed on a 3 year lease deal with a finance company that is tax efficient and spreads out the costs so that you earn as you pay.

Size (WxDxH): 370 x 497 x 565mm – Power: 2.3kW.

Why not call us on 0203 096 7233 or 01324 617618 to discuss purchase or lease-rental rates?

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