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We stock the Edenware range of biodegradable paper cups in single wall and double wall format. They are both practical, eco-friendly and well-priced. Having 2 layers of material with the double wall cups means that your hands are protected and the drink is kept hotter for longer.

Biodegradation is the disintegration of organic materials by bacteria or other biological means.[a]
It is associated with environmentally-friendly take away packaging products like these cups that are capable of decomposing back into natural elements when they have composting conditions.

The secret is the liner of the cup, with many main stream double wall paper cups this is a plastic substance whereas with these cups the lining is actually corn starch; thus they are safe to use and eco-friendly to the environment as well.

The single wall version is suitable for use in offices and business for staff refreshments. These cups simply decompose in land-fill; you can see more details on our corporate website and place orders on-line.

We also offer sipper lids that are compostable for use with these cups.

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