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An automatic coffee machine is a great investment for a cafe, restaurant or office; most coffee machines in this category are bean-to-cup machines with a flat white, caffe latte or espresso being made from coffee beans and fresh milk or powdered milk at the touch of a button – operation and cleaning are simplicity itself! The long experience of Caffia Coffee Group as a family-run coffee means you are guided and supported by reliable service all over the UK and we offer also operator training with all our coffee machine installations.

Which automatic coffee machine is right for me?

There are a considerable range of models and formats available – more than 25 in our standard range alone – we advise you carefully so as to ensure the correct automatic coffee machine is selected for your exact needs so as to conserve precious cash. Chose from brands like Jura, Franke, Bravilor or Cimbali bean to cup coffee machines which include for example the latest ‘FoamMaster’ milk foaming and texturing technology from Franke Coffee Systems on the Franke A600; these machines are available to lease, rent or purchase.


Automatic Coffee Machine

With the Franke A400 there is a beautiful touch screen on this Swiss-made bean to cup coffee machine has clear and distinct logos of each of the speciality coffees like flat white, caffe latte and cappuccino which benefits the operator by making a visual and easy choice.

The Franke A400 coffee machine also dispenses quickly and neatly and is much easier to clean than previous Franke machines via the carefully designed ‘CleanMaster’ features with an integrated milk cleaning concentrate tank – simply press a button on the front of the touch-screen to complete the coffee and milk cleaning process.

In some situations there is considerable time pressure and a great need for consistent coffee, in other outlets you  find that staff aren’t taking the care that they should due to a lack of barista training. Whatever the situation, there is often a need for an automatic coffee machine to deliver excellent and consistent results time after time. The great news is that the most recent models are offering greatly enhanced speed and coffee quality plus easier cleaning.

Automatic Coffee Machine Showroom

Coffee machines of this type can fall into the category of instant coffee machines optimised for convenient high-speed automatic dispense or higher quality specialist bean-to-cup coffee machines which range in price from £1700.00 to £15,500.00 to buy. While these machines a big earners they cost a fair bit as an outright purchase so we offer a simple coffee machine leasing arrangement which work over 3 years to spread the cost in a tax effective way.

Caffia Coffee Group is also one-stop shop for all your consumable needs like espresso coffee beans, Fairtrade filter coffee, teas, hot chocolate, paper cups and stirrers.

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