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A 2 group espresso machine is the choice of many cafes and restaurants for serving modern barista-style coffees like caffe latte, flat white and cappuccino. We stock and install durable 2 group espresso machines from Royal Synchro, La Cimbali and Esprezzi. Caffia Coffee Group is a dynamic family coffee business offering a range of 16 prime coffees in espresso beans and fresh  filter coffee format UK-wide.

Which type of outlets and cafes would need a 2 group espresso machine? Well… there are arguments in favour of the hulking presence factor that goes with a 2 group espresso coffee machine – it certainly shouts ‘we do speciality coffees’! In general though, a 2 group coffee machine is used in busy coffee shops, garden centres and outlets which expect large ‘burst’ of volume and trade. The benefit is seen in that a well-trained barista can pull up to 4 coffees more or less at one time; we offer a range of heavy-duty coffee grinders from Macap and Mazzer.

2 group espresso machine

We have grown as a result of excellent service and detailed product knowledge and supply far more than 2 group espresso machines; do you need a 3 group or 4 group espresso machine, bean-to cup coffee machine, filter coffee brewer or water boiler? Please talk to us on 01324 617618 or see our videos below:

We offer major brand espresso coffee grinders from Macap and Mazzer including grind-on-demand grinders and smaller models for decaffeinated coffee beans. We also have a total of 16 different types of coffees with 8 blends and pures of espresso coffee beans including Fairtrade and Organic certified coffees. See the full range on our corporate website.

Matching your exact needs from our wide range of professional coffee machines is our top priority. Contact us to discuss your needs or visit our London showroom and training centre at:

Caffia Coffee Group, 47 Gee Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 3RS – Tel: 01324 617618

Caffia Coffee Group, Lomond House, Russel Street, Falkirk, FK2 7HS – Tel: 0203 096 7233

Email: sales@caffia.com

Expert suppliers of 2 group espresso machine models throughout the UK, we also have offices in Bodmin, Peterborough, Barnard Castle, Aberdeen and Gloucester.